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Steps to Your Healthy Future is a charity set up to support you and your health. Based around your long-term condition, we provide free practical advice and information to help you understand what your body needs ​to improve and maintain health.

We are based in the community and understand the importance of mutual support, of meeting and working with people who have the same or similar conditions. We would love to hear from you.

Our Purpose

To work with and support people who have long term health conditions through free tea/coffee groups, free one-off group sessions and free education programmes in the community or on line.


    Tea and Coffee Sessions

    We run monthly tea and coffee groups, talking about your day to day problems and ways of making life feel a little easier. Come and join us.

    Talks by Professionals

    Our professionally led one off group sessions will give you the opportunity to talk about your condition. Check out our events and do come and join us.

    Group Education

    Living with a long-term condition can be hard. We offer a variety of education programmes to help you understand your condition and how you can better take control of your health. Please contact us to find out more

    Online Education

    In today’s busy world it's not always possible to attend groups. That doesn’t mean help and support isn’t needed. We provide online education that can be accessed when it suits you. Please contact us to find out more.

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