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Providing you with support, care and education in your community.

Our Birmingham based Charity, has three trustees. It was established October 2017 after extensive trialling had taken place to ensure the charity was and is fit for purpose.


Our Charity has been set up to promote and preserve the good health of people suffering or at risk of suffering from long-term health conditions such as type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes and obesity by the provision of support and education.


For many in the community, it is not having the opportunity to meet and discuss their issues with those who face the same or similar concerns, which is believed to be a major hurdle for those with health conditions.


The Charity’s aims are to create mutually supportive groups within the community, overcoming loneliness, whilst providing sensible and practical advice on how to improve their health and well-being.


Tea and Coffee Sessions

We run monthly tea and coffee sessions in the community bringing like minded people together. We talk about the day to day things that make living with a long term conditions that little bit easier.

Our tea and coffee sessions have proved very supportive, providing the opportunity for people to talk, relax, discussing their concerns and worries with like-minded people, be it weight loss, or learning the right questions to ask their GP. We would love you to join us and share your thoughts, worries and stories.

Find a group near you and come and join us.

Talks by Professionals

Our professionally led one off group sessions will give you the opportunity to talk about your condition. Check out our events and do come and join us.

Our talks are led by medical professionals, will be held throughout the year in the community and will cover topics such as erectile dysfunction, loneliness, foot care, nourishment and mental health. These sessions will initially reflect the areas of most question or greatest concern for those who have attended existing tea and coffee sessions. You will be encouraged to bring friends or family with you so that you can discuss how best to use the information and best practice ideas thereafter.

Check our events and do join us.

Online Education

In today’s busy world it's not always possible to attend groups. That doesn’t mean help and support isn’t needed. We provide online education that can be accessed when it suits you.

If you are looking for support and struggle to attend face to face sessions, then please contact us and discuss what courses we can offer to support you. The courses we offer on line provide practical guidance and information on how to improve your health and lifestyle.

Please contact us to find out more.

Group Education

Living with a long-term condition can be hard and some of us need more support. We offer a variety of education programmes to help you take control of your health.

These are in-depth courses and focus on a specific condition such as type 2 diabetes or obesity. Our existing programmes have shown us the importance of encouraging attendees to bring friends, family, or carers to the sessions, to ensure support and encouragement is there for you within the community on a regular if not daily basis.

Please contact us to find out more

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