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Better the devil you know?

It's a new year, but does it need to be a new you?? On this blog post, I thought we'd take a moment to consider how we react to what life can unexpectedly throw at us. Do we instinctively look at the glass half full, or half empty? When we're managing our health and wellbeing it's so important that we attempt to see perceived hurdles with a sense of optimism rather than pessimism. With that in mind, I thought it might be proactive to take a moment to step back from the day to day routine of our lives and check in with ourselves to see how we really handle what life can throw at us in 2020.

Each of us are essentially made up of two opposing characters: your ‘Inner Guide’ and your ‘Inner Critic.’ Your inner critic is ego-based and acts as the ‘Chatterbox’ in your brain. Always analysing, always criticising, always tormenting you as well as trying to separate you from people and society to falsely make you feel better or “one up on everybody else”. You could use the example of the red devil perched on your left shoulder poking at you with it’s fork. Always nagging you, always laughing at you and belittling you.

Your inner guide is a polar opposite. It is very inclusive and intuitive. It accepts you for who you are yesterday, today and tomorrow. It’s your gut instinct or your heartfelt feeling. Again you could visualise the image of an angel or cherub perched

on your right shoulder whispering words of encouragement and support.

Your inner guide vs. your inner critic

I want you to take a moment to relax and maybe even close your eyes, as you see in your mind’s eye, how you perceive your own personal inner guide and inner critic. As you relax in contemplation, ask yourself a few questions. How do they look? How do they sound? Do they smell of anything? What colours or even tastes do you associate with these two characters? More importantly, describe how they make you feel? Afterwards, write down what you’ve just experienced and felt.

Take time to consider your responses

To help you achieve some structure when capturing your thoughts on paper, consider the following -

  • What is the general conversation of your inner critic and your inner guide?

  • When do you find your inner critic is loudest? How does this affect you?

  • What can you do today to ensure you turn down the volume of your inner critic?

  • When you’re fearful or scared, or feeling a sense of failure, what does your inner guide tell you?

  • How can listening more to your inner guide change your life for the better?

  • What can you do today to ensure that you start listening more to your inner guide?

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