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Humans, a reflection of Mother Nature

Updated: Mar 19, 2018

Is it a coincidence that we have similar traits to the very earth we walk on? Is it coincidence that there is a reflective trend in the incidence of human ill health and the degradation and damage of our planet?

It is all too easy to get caught up in the materialist, workaholic human world and forget to stop and look where we have come from and what we are actually part of. As humans, we contain the same amount of water as there is on the surface of planet earth*. We rise and sleep with the sun, females have the same length of menstrual cycle as the moons cycle, we are the same salinity as the sea and growth comes from good nourishment. Just like our planet we are delicate and fragile when we add chemicals and foreign objects to the system.

In essence we are a mirror image of the very environment we call home. Yet we forget to look outside our materialistic work and think of the consequences of our behaviours and to varying degrees we are killing both the human race and the planet that houses us.

So, what does this have to do with anything? Well, that depends on you. This can be just passing information, or it can help you to see that we are part of something very large and exciting and you can start to make choices that reflect your health and in return the health of your home, the earth.

The less chemicals we consume and spray the healthier we can be, the more we nourish our body and earth the stronger we can grow and the more we have respect for ourselves, others and our planet the more we can get out of life. The steps to achieve this can be as simple as, stepping of the rat race once in a while and see the beauty around you and treat your body, mind and environment as you would treat a small child.

*The exact numbers may vary depending on the book or review you have read.

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